Canvassing: Six Questions Answered and a Little Known Fact

Alain Desmier and Keith Angus Canvassing  

What is Canvassing?

The Collins dictionary explains that: “if you canvass for a particular person or political party, you go around an area trying to persuade people to vote for that person or party,” but that “if you canvass public opinion, you find out how people feel about a particular subject.” When canvassing for the Lib Dems, you will do a little of both. 

You may be asked about our policies, but mainly you will aim at starting a dialog and get a sense of people’s reaction to our message. Canvassing is an important activity for local political parties. So please join in, register as a volunteer or RSVP on our calendar

What if I am asked a question to which I do not know the answer?

Lib Dem campaigning guru Mark Pack explains in his Lib Dem Tips series that “overall the public is pretty polite to canvassers and willing to to answer questions, detailed policy issues only come up fairly infrequently. When they do, and if it is something you don’t know about, a polite request to take their contact details so that a colleague can reply in more detail works just fine.Lib Dems Tip #8

You are very unlikely to canvass alone and with your canvassing partners will most probably know the answer to most questions you will be asked. Although political debating is uncommon, it is one of the fun aspects of canvassing.


Cartoon by Chris Radley, former cartoonist for the Social Democrat

What is the most important thing canvassers do?

“Smiling, confident and ready to win” sums it up quite well. While canvassing you represent your candidates and the party, canvassing is the opportunity to meet and listen to each constituent. 




How much fun is canvassing?

A lot of fun! It is a unique occasion to bang on about politics without boring your friends. You’ll meet new people and discover different communities. You will team up with people who share your passion for politics and will soon become solid friends.



Is Canvassing thirsty work?

Canvassing is thirsty work, so a stop at the pub usually follows. Alternativelly you can join us at one of our Lib Dem Pint gathering. Check our events calendar for the next one.



Where and when can I go Canvassing?

Canvassing takes place all year round but is more prevalent during electoral campaign. Canvassing locally in Islington or in a close by Lib Dem campaign hub will take place every day until 8 June 2017. To find out where you can meet to help canvassing, visit our events calendar.



A little known fact about canvassing

Apparently it never rains where people canvass. Incredulous? Check all these canvassing pictures on Twitter, hardly ever a cloud in sight!