Fighting to win the 2017 Snap General Election: Islington Libdems this is what you can do now!


This morning Theresa May announced that she will call for a snap election on June 8, 2017. Jeremy Corbyn confirmed that that tomorrow, he too will support her motion in Parliament.

The Islington Libdems campaign is now getting organised.

The response from members, new and old, and those signing up right now is amazing. We believe that with your passion, energy and enthusiasm our two candidates: Alain Desmier running in Islington South and Finsbury against Emily Thornberry, and Keith Angus running in Islington North against Jeremy Corbyn, can win.

Let’s be honest: we are a facing an incredible challenge but it is one worth fighting for. It is one we must win. It is the last chance to stop a hard Brexit. It is our chance to make both the Conservative majority in Parliament and the Labour leadership in Islington accountable for perverting the spirit of British parliamentary representation and support a Brexit they know is ‘act of great self-harm’.


At this point you can help by patiently and relentlessly campaigning amongst the people you know. If you canafford to,  please make a donation, if you have the time please register as a volunteer. If you have specific skills you believe can be of help please email explaining what you can offer.

There is no time to waste. The fight is on.