“Our MP has failed us.” Alain Desmier’s speech at St Mary’s hustings


On the evening of the 21st of May 2017, Saint Mary’s Church on Islington’s Upper Street was filled by a passionate crowd who came to listen to Islington South and Finsbury five parliamentary candidates. Our leading local newspaper and the event organiser, The Islington Gazette, commented the following day:

“Predictably, Alain Desmier (Lib Dem) took just seconds to attack Mrs Thornberry over her Brexit stance in his opening speech.

“Islington South and Finsbury voted by 72 per cent to remain in the referendum last June. But Mrs Thornberry, despite also campaigning to remain, voted to trigger Article 50 to leave the EU in Parliament.

“And Mr Desmier roared: “Our MP has failed us.” It received the biggest cheer of the night from the audience.”

Here is Alain Desmier’s introduction that caused such an enraged reaction.

“When you go to the ballot box on June the 8th the politician you pick is as much about their party’s policies, as it about them, their integrity.

Are you going to trust them to look after your family?

I’m in politics to secure our schools, to protect our NHS and to keep Britain as a tolerant country.

Politics is fundamentally about representation and our borough voted 75% to remain, we demanded our MP represented us.

Our European friends, spouses and colleagues, European nurses, doctors and teachers, we need them to remain. Surely our MP would stand up for them?

Emily Thornberry, in her own words, wouldn’t ‘die in a ditch’ for freedom of movement.

And Emily voted for article 50.

Islington you have a choice on June the 8th, more than which party you put a cross next to.

You’ve got a chance and a choice to send a message to the rest of the country, to rest of the continent, that Islington South will only be represented by an MP who believes in British tolerance, who believes European freedom and who believes in parliamentary democracy.

If you believe, as I do, that our MP has failed us over Article 50, I need your vote and I need your help.

Let’s take back control of OUR Islington, thank you.”

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