Alain Desmier: Holding Emily Thornberry to account


Brexit is the first thing people want to talk about on the doorstep in Islington South and Finsbury. Local people are concerned about the NHS, our local schools and a lack of affordable housing. But they worry that Brexit in the hands of the Conservatives will devastate our economy, our public services and our tolerant country.

I’ve been asked, “what will you do about Brexit” hundreds of times during the campaign.

This question is central to my campaign.

As the Liberal Democrat MP for Islington South, I want to protect our individual rights and freedoms, work hard every day for a fair and open society and help local people make informed decisions about the services they rely on.

I don’t trust Conservatives like Boris Johnson and David Davis who at the heart of the Leave campaign, lied about what Brexit meant for the NHS.

I don’t trust Theresa May, who has shown in this election campaign that she will U-turn on just about anything, under pressure.

And I don’t trust Labour – they are in chaos and have failed the country.

Our MP local Emily Thornberry voted for Article 50 but more than 70% of the people she represents, Islington South voted to remain. Her pro-European constituents instructed her to oppose Brexit but she folded in with the Tories, she was no opposition at all and has given up on freedom of movement.

If I am elected to Parliament on June 8th:

I will make the voice of my constituents heard; I will stand up for what they believe;

I will fight passionately for our schools, hospitals and local services;

And I will fight the Brexiteers.

This is the single most important choice of our lives.

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