London crime rise shows damage of govt police cuts

Crime_Escalation.jpgCommenting on figures that reveal an increase in gun and knife offences in London, Lib Dem MP for Carshalton and Wallington Tom Brake, said:

 "This Conservative government is stretching the thin blue line to breaking point.“The Met police do a fantastic job in difficult circumstances and what this shows is that they need the backing of government in resources.  "Community policing in London is being eroded and this jeopardises peoples' safety in our Capital. The Met police have been trying to do more with less for years now but the cracks are now beginning to show. "The government is failing to invest in our police and inevitably crime is rising across the Capital.”

Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary and former Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the Met Police, Brain Paddick, added:

"There have been significant rises in all crime categories in London, which accounts for 25% of policing in England and Wales. The increases in knife and gun crime, at a time when the uniformed presence on our streets is being eroded because of government cuts in funding, is particularly concerning. 

"The Met now admits what the Police Federation have said all along, that cuts have consequences. The police are also having to pick up the mess that cuts to other public services are leaving behind, with 40% of police calls nothing to do with crime. 

"The police are the first to respond in an emergency and increasingly are becoming the service of last resort when other services fail.  For that reason they must be given an immediate increase in funding."