May's Florence Failure

mays_florence_failure.pngTheresa May’s Florence speech has only managed to tick off one of the seven tests put to her by the Liberal Democrats yesterday.

Passing the tests would have signalled that Theresa May is moving away from her reckless, extreme Brexit. Instead, in the vast majority of cases she failed to offer any solutions to the major issues related to Brexit that are currently facing the country.

Commenting on her failure, Tom Brake, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson said: “Theresa May’s speech in Florence was a failure. She ruled out staying in the single market, she failed to ring fence the rights of EU nationals, she has failed to take ‘no deal’ off the table. “Theresa May, six months since Article 50, has once again failed to give answers. “There was so much waffle in this speech she should have made it in Belgium.”

The seven tests were:

  1. Clamp down on dissent within the Cabinet 
❌ No evidence she has clamped down on dissent, Boris Johnson is still in the Cabinet.
  1. Seek to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union 
❌ Confirmed we will not be in them long-term (although will be for the transition period).
  1. Try to secure the greatest possible degree of Freedom of Movement 
❌ Confirmed Freedom of Movement will be scrapped long-term (although will be preserved during transition period).
  1. Ring-fence the negotiation on EU citizens’ rights 
❌ Didn’t do this.
  1. Indicate how much the UK is willing to contribute to settle liabilities and participate in EU projects 
✔️ May accepted there were liabilities and UK will be willing to contribute.
  1. Rule out the so-called ‘No Deal’ option which would have devastating consequences for UK Plc 
❌ Didn’t do this. 
  1. Announce you will legislate for a ‘Vote on the Facts’ (a referendum on the deal) before the UK leaves the EU 

❌ Didn’t do this.