Help us stop Sainsbury's


Since 2014 Islington Liberal Democrats have been fighting plans by Sainsbury’s to open a Sainsbury’s 'Local' stores in the former Highbury Vale Police Station, on Blackstock Road.

Today, we still believe these plans will destroy the much-loved local shops of Highbury, traffic will increase as delivery lorries compete with buses and supermarket shoppers and a late-night license will encourage anti-social behaviour.

As you know we already have one Sainsbury's TEN minutes’ walk away from the proposed site. Local residents do not need and do not want another Sainsbury’s Local.

We have collected over 3000 petition signatures which we presented to Islington town hall to highlight the irreversible damage to local traders that opening another Sainsbury's would create.

We were delighted when following pressure from the local community and businesses, the Council refused this latest Sainsbury’s planning application earlier this year.

But Sainsbury has appealed to the Government’s Planning Inspector, an un-elected body who is not answerable to local people, to try and overturn the Council’s latest decision.

Following a recent public meeting in Highbury, it is apparent that not everyone knew about the appeal nor how to lodge an objection with the planning Inspectorate.

You can help us object to this latest attempt by Sainsbury's

Sign our petition as soon as possible.

Make your objections know to the Planning Inspectorate about Sainsbury’s plans and how they will affect local businesses and our community, by the 19th July 2017.

To do this you can lodge your objection with the Planning inspectorate at:

You do not need to register and can simply enter the application number, which is 3175635, in the “Search for a case” box, it takes less than 5 minutes, you can leave comments in the boxes provided or attach a letter of objection, it’s your choice.

It would be good for local businesses and residents to focus on their experience of the area in terms of shopping environment and transport issues relating to their day to day activities. It’s important to argue that the main reasons for refusal are pertinent to how they experience living in the area and how the development will have a detrimental impact to our neighbourhood

Best to keep your objections to punchy/bullet points

You can find useful details of the application and the Councils reasons for refusal from February 2017 which may help them inform their objections via this link 

Please make sure you get your objection into the Planning Inspectorate by the 19th July 2017, any later and your views will not be considered.

Local people have told us they object to a Sainsbury's on Blackstock Road for some of the following reasons: 


 * Increased traffic (6 lorry deliveries a day and customer parking) – a substantial loading bay taking up several car parking spaces and reducing pavement width – increasing the hazards for local pedestrians with several local schools and nurseries in the area , including one next door to the site, that children walk to

* Disruption to three major bus routes by the loading bay

* Increased environmental pollution (lorry diesel fumes, rubbish)

* Increased noise pollution (late night deliveries, noisy customers), a major problems at the two other Sainsbury’ s locals sites in the area

* Antisocial behaviour (outdoor late night & underage drinkers nearby)

* Loss of independent shops (unfair competition, in addition there are at least 4 local grocers within a 1/2-mile radius)

* Loss of local jobs 

* Shift shoppers’ focus away from well-established shopping areas such.

* Loss of local distinctiveness and loss of local diversity.

* Significant noise expected with the current proposal of an external refrigeration unit being put on the new green roof that backs directly on the gardens on Canning road. The unit will not keep the character and current appearance of the building/terrace houses


Sign our Petition here.