Hold the Government to account over its Brexit plans


On 8th June, you will be asked to vote for an MP whose job is to represent you and ensure that your views are heard at the heart of political decision-making. 

Your choice is vital because we need all MPs to scrutinise the Government’s plans for Brexit and hold them to account for their actions. Brexit will have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences that will impact you, your family and every person living and working in the UK, but so far Parliament has done little to challenge the Government on its plans.

 Now is your chance to tell the candidates in your constituency that you expect them to challenge the Government on its Brexit plans, including its Great Repeal Bill.

 Join us to call on all MPs and parliamentary candidates to pledge to take an active and assertive role in scrutinising the Government’s plans to ensure that the voices of the 48%, the 52%, and others who have changed their mind - or weren’t able to vote - are heard at the heart of our democracy.

Every signature will remind MPs and candidates of their duty to speak for you – their constituent – in Parliament.

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