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Save Our Libraries

A leaked document from Islington Council showed its plans to axe six local libraries including South Library (Essex Road) and Mildmay Library.

These libraries play a vital community role including through allowing internet access for residents who do not have it at home and a space for young people to spend time in during the school as well as allowing wider access to literature for all ages.

Islington Lib Dems will present a petition to the council at its budget setting meeting to call on them to scrap plans to close half of the libraries in the borough. Signing the petition below can highlight the value we place on having libraries that are easily accessible throughout the borough.

I the undersigned resident am opposed to Islington Council’s proposal to close six libraries in the borough.

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    When books were burned in Berlin in the early 30’s, Germany condemned the soul of its people. Closing down libraries is nowhere near this scale of an atrocity, but is similar in the sense that it closes down education, shuts down the place where ideas are born and exchanged, and destroys yet another critical focus for the community (of which we have too few.)
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