2017 Snap GE: The LibDems announce their two parliamentary candidates for Islington

Alain Desire and  keith Angus Islington Libdems election candidates 2017

Selected last October as the LibDems candidate for Islington North in view of a snap General Election, Keith Angus has confirmed that he will run against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has held the seat for 33 years. Keith Angus said: 

“I am a European and proud of it. The vote to leave the EU is not good news for our constituency. 78.4% of local residents voted Remain and they feel let down by a Tory government that’s ignoring their wishes, while Labour fail to oppose Brexit. Labour’ vote to trigger Article 50 is evidence of that. People in Islington North want an MP willing to fight and stand up for what they believe in. On a personal level, my partner’s an EU migrant and he’s deeply worried about what the future holds for him and all the other EU citizens in this country. As am I.”

An Islington resident for many years, Keith has been an activist working across the community. As a Governor at Highbury Fields School for the past ten years, Keith is dedicated to supporting the school and its academic standards. Over the years he’s actively campaigned on a number of issues, from local housing, to transport issues, to crime and anti-social behaviour.

Keith added: “Many issues are at stake in this election, from the huge housing issues in our area to the crisis in the NHS and social care. I will be fighting for change for the good of everyone. My primary focus will be to fight against a hard and destructive Brexit that the Tory government is seeking and the Labour party are failing to oppose.”

“I call on people from across the progressive political spectrum to support my campaign here in Islington North. Only the Lib Dems have the opportunity to unseat Corbyn and cause a shock to the system.”

Alain Desmier, chair of the Islington Lib Dems has just been announced as the party parliamentary candidate for Islington South and Finsbury. The seat is currently held by labour shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry. Upon the announcement of his selection, Alain Desmier said:

“My political compass is set by my personal and family history: my grandfather left India in 1955, and travelled with his wife and eight children to settle in London. Their journey from Pondicherry to Britain is part of my identity and influences my values. I cannot imagine living in a country that has turned its back on immigration, racial diversity and tolerance. I know the positive effects of these values on people and society. These values are those I want to promote and see flourish in my community.

My French name and surname are a daily memento of my family’s internationalism. I fear our country’s tradition of tolerance and openness is being challenged at its heart. The constituents of Islington South and Finsbury are being failed by their MP. With her unconditional support for Brexit, Emily Thornberry chose to stop representing Islington. She has overstepped her constituents for her own personal political ambitions and that of her party. Islington is home to a diverse and strongly pro-European population. I intend to stand for them, for all of them and to represent and fight for their tolerant views. I am uniquely placed to understand my constituents those born in Britain as well as those who were not, but who chose to make their home in Islington.”


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