Our Living Standards. Our jobs in hard Brexit Britain

December 2019’s General Election saw Brexit inflicted on us all. Johnson’s Tories got well under half votes cast; as in the May European elections, Remain parties got more combined votes than Leavers. But under our distorted, unequal election system, Johnson’s minority vote got a big majority of seats. And so Brexit is happening - and Johnson has given himself just none months to finalise a trade agreement between the UK and the EU.

‘UK/EU - the only trade negotiations in history where the intent is to reduce and limit, not to expand and grow mutual trade.’ - Ed Davey, acting leader, Liberal Democrats.

In 2019, Islington voted us winners in the May European elections and as the clear alternative voice to Labour in December’s General Election. Brexit is going to happen; we will do everything to hold this illegitimate Government to account; to minimise damage the eventual Brexit deal will do to our services, our jobs and our community here in Islington.

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