Islington Liberal Democrats ‘Calling with Kindness’

"In the last few weeks I have joined in the London wide campaign led by Siobhan Benita of ‘Calling with Kindness’. Liberal Democrats across the city reaching out beyond our membership to our neighbours to check that people are aware of the support and advice that might be available to them and perhaps just to have a chat.

Helen Redesdale 'Calling with Kindness' in Islington

It has been an exercise that seemed daunting at first but once embarked on becomes addictive. Most people irrespective of their circumstances have appreciated the effort and I am still finding people who are struggling and not aware of the amazing networks of support and kindness that have been set up since the lockdown started, in addition to the formal council networks. There are people who do not have mobiles and computers and only a landline. We are not all connected in multiple ways to the world outside of our home.

I know from first hand experience that the wards in Islington have wonderful networks of coordinators and volunteers poised to help as soon as they are aware of someone needing help. There are countless heartwarming examples of neighbourliness around us and tapping into that has been sustaining and a privilege in such a bewildering time. These times require that everyone with the capacity should be looking to what they can offer. This is not a situation we can expect others to deal with - where local government budgets have been cut the gaps are more evident than ever."

- Helen Redesdale, Councillor Candidate St George's Ward

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