Islington Liberal Democrats are an active group of local residents, campaigning and working hard towards creating an ambitious Islington that every resident can be proud to call their home.

We campaign on a number of local issues that come under our vision of creating a stronger local economy, a fairer borough with opportunities for all.

Stronger Local Economy

We work with local businesses, community groups and the voluntary sector to bring innovation to the borough, whilst also working hard to promote our local shopping areas, to encourage more residents to buy locally and make Islington an excellent place for tourists and visitors to enjoy.

By working with local businesses, Islington Lib Dems have provided apprenticeships and jobs for local young people to develop their skills and give them an excellent start to their career.

Fairer Borough

Islington Lib Dems have campaigned to ensure that our council tax is spent in the most effective way possible. We have tirelessly pushed the council to make improvements to the poor quality housing repairs service that cause so much unhappiness to so many, taking on individuals’ cases and helping ensure that everyone in the borough has a safe and well maintained place to live.

We continue to campaign to bring the ultra low emissions zone into Islington and to improve cycle paths. This ensures that the way we live our lives today does not negatively impact future generations.

Opportunities For All

Unlike the other political parties, for Islington Lib Dems it does not matter your background or where you’ve come from. We want to create an Islington that means that all people can achieve their aspirations and that the council supports everyone in doing that, whilst offering world class public services.

Our membership is as diverse as the borough, with members coming from a mix of demographic groups. What we share is the vision to create a borough that all people can achieve their potential. We want our youngest residents the best start in life with excellent schools, our older residents the best care for when they need it and for everyone a high standard level of services from the local council.

I’ve got a problem with the council – can you help?

Islington Lib Dems are always happy to meet with local residents and help them in times of need. Our prospective parliamentary candidates, Alain Desmier for Islington South and Finsbury and Nick Wakeling for Islington North, and local campaigners are ready to campaign on your behalf when you believe that you are not receiving the service you expect from the council or there’s a problem in your area. Use the contact details to get in touch.

I want to support or help with the campaign?

We are always looking for more people to help with our campaigns, from putting a poster up in your window at election time to contributing to our ‘Focus’ community newsletters, there a lots of ways you can get involved. Click here to get in touch:

How do I join Islington Lib Dems?

To join, simply fill in the online form here, once you are a member as well as receiving monthly updates form the Local party, you will be invited to all of our campaigning, social and fundraising events.

Make a donation

All the donations we receive go straight into our campaigns, it is through the kind generosity of our members and supporters that we are able to fund our local campaigns, click here to make a donation.