Alain Desmier call to Islington South voters

 Alain Desmier rally speech 2017

General Election 2017: “This next 6 weeks, friends, is very much about sides, and in particular which side of history we want to be on.” – Alain Desmier

Launching his campaign for the parliamentary seat of Islington North and Finsbury, Lib Dem Alain Desmier addressed a large crowd of supporters gathered on Highbury Fields. If you could not be there, here is what he had to say:

“Two weeks ago, I bet you didn’t think you’d be stood in the middle of a park, listening to a guy with a megaphone?

I can promise you, it wasn’t part of my plan either.

But then neither was Brexit. Neither was Donald Trump. Neither was Theresa May.

The time for quiet, polite content little liberals is over.

And let me make this promise to you. There is NOTHING quiet about what is going to happens next.

My name is Alain Desmier I am your Liberal Democrat candidate for Islington South and Finsbury

And this is an appeal direct to the voters of Islington South. It is time we had an MP that listened to the views of this electorate.

Our current MP, Emily Thornberry, hasn’t made her mind up about Brexit, in her our words, Labour hasn’t picked a side.


I’ve picked a side with the hundreds of thousands of EU migrants who have made their life in our country and now see their futures bartered with, like a gambling chip.

I’ve picked a side with the thousands of schools that are going to be devastated by this Conservatives Governments diabolical school funding formula

And I’ve picked a side with the NHS who rely on migrants, to run our hospitals to keep us all fit and healthy. Its THIS NHS that needs a secure economy, and THIS Conservative government wants to bet our futures,  on a dance with nationalism.

This next 6 weeks friends is very much about sides, and in particular which side of history we want to be on.

After decades and decades of progress are we really ready to become little Englanders?

In 10, in 20, in 30 year’s time you’ll be asked:

What did YOU do when the Labour party was infiltrated by communists and lurched to the Left?

What did YOU do when the Conservative party was hijacked by David Davis and Boris Johnson. Lurched to the right.

What did YOU do when our country turned its back on tolerance and allowed racism and fear to rule?

In 10, 20 in 30 years times you’ll be able to say that in Islington, in Islington you were part of the fight back.

In 10, 20 and 30 years times you’ll be able to say that In Islington, we won.

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends, as your candidate for Islington South I’ll fight every day from now until the 8th June…. as we confront a Labour party that has failed the residents of this borough and failed this country.

So please, my ask to you today is come and deliver leaflets with me, come and make phone calls with me and come and knock on doors with me as we take our positive, tolerant and confident vision for this country, out to the residents of this wonderful borough.

 Lets ask them to vote Liberal Democrat on the 8th June, and lets lead the fightback, together.

Thank you”


Photography: courtesy of Kate Lucas

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