Sign the Petition to bring Boris bikes to North Islington



‘Boris bikes’ have been extremely popular since their introduction in 2010 but residents of North Islington are still waiting. Julian Gregory and the Islington Liberal Democrats are campaigning to bring ‘Boris bikes’ north and are asking for support from local residents to help them in their petition.

Julian Gregory, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Islington North, said: “Boris Bikes are great.  They are easy to use, good for the environment and help people to stay fit and healthy.  There have already been several extensions to the scheme, and it’s time for boris bikes in North Islington"

The bikes have been extremely popular since their introduction in 2010, and can now be hired by anyone with a major payment card (e.g. debit or Visa). They can be collected from one docking station and then dropped off at the same or a different station somewhere else in London.

Julian continued, “we need to show Islington Council, the Mayor and TfL that there is local support for the northern extension. There is no good reason why you should be able to use the bikes if you live in Hammersmith or Fulham, but not if you live in Highbury or Finsbury Park.”

Please sign our petition and help us spread the word

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