Call to Action: Say ‘NO’ to Labour’s Backing for a New £1.2 Billion Incinerator

Islington Liberal Democrats have long opposed the Council’s support for the North London Waste Authority’s (NLWA) plans to build a new incinerator to burn Islington’s waste - 60% of which is recyclable.

Burning waste produces massive amounts of carbon dioxide and particulates. Shockingly, this plant won't have carbon capture and storage technology meaning that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide as well as harmful particulates and chemicals such as dioxins will be released every year. 

Instead of burning waste we should be recycling and promoting a move to a circular economy. As we improve our recycling rates, the North London boroughs supporting this scheme will not have enough rubbish to burn and may have to rely on rubbish generated elsewhere to keep the incinerator running.

Commenting on the plans to expand the incinerator Kate Pothalingam, Spokesperson for Islington Liberal Democrats, said: “Building this incinerator will blight some of the poorest parts of North London for the next 30-40 years. Islington should be working to increase recycling rates, which have declined in the past five years. The plans should be paused to allow for a review before going ahead with this damaging scheme.”

On 16 December, the NLWA will decide whether to award the construction contract for this new incinerator. The new incinerator would be 30% bigger than the current one and would operate until at least 2060.  

The original plans were developed in 2013-15 and received government support in 2017. The NLWA flatly refuses to consider recent evidence showing how damaging the incinerator will be to our health and to our environment.   

Islington’s representatives on the NLWA - backing this polluting plan - are Councillor Rowena Champion and Councillor Satnam Gill. Please contact Cllr Champion and Cllr Gill before the meeting on 16 December, telling them you oppose their plan - and also contact your local Ward councillors to urge them to support a pause to procurement and ask for an expert review of the evidence and options before it’s too late. 

Councillor Champion is at [email protected] 

Councillor Gill is at [email protected] 

You will find further contacts for all Islington councillors at 


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