Highbury Corner Consultation

After a decade of campaigning, residents and local groups have given a mixed response to the proposals for the redevelopment of Highbury Corner. The consultation results were finally published this month after City Hall's two-year silence. The proposals include road layout changes and an alteration to existing bus services, and the Council has ignored the related concerns of local residents. 

Local Lib Dems are voicing the concerns of Islington residents regarding the proposed changes to Highbury Corner.

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Santander Cycles


Islington Lib Dems passionately advocate cycling as a way to improve our city’s health, wellbeing and reduce pollution. Our activists are campaigning to bring the TfL Santander Cycles scheme across Islington.

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Save Our Bandstand

"Save Our Bandstand" - Council Threat to Highbury Fields Bandstand 




Shortly before Christmas the Council announced that it planned to “slash” the grant it gives to the Highbury Fields Bandstand on Highbury Fields. This removal of funding could see the club close.  The club has provided affordable childcare to Highbury residents for decades and the closure will have a devastating effect on local families. 

This news followed a public meeting at the Town Hall before Christmas where local Labour and Green politicians were challenged about why the club staff and management were being “frozen” out of discussions about a possible replacement building for the One O’clock club and Café on Highbury Fields.

There were a number of unanswered questions.

  • What did local councillors know before this meeting re the possibility of the clubs funding being cut?
  • Was this the reason why the club were being frozen out of discussions about the future of the building?
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Stop Sainsbury's


Local anger is growing in Highbury at council plans to ignore local residents and grant Sainsbury's planning permission to open a 'local' store on Blackstock Road.

Islington Council look set to amend a planning application that will allow Sainsbury's to build on the former site of Highbury Vale Police Station, despite initially agreeing with local residents that the site should be a gym.

In 2014, a campaign spearheaded by local Liberal Democrat, Terry Stacy, took over 3000 petition signatures to Islington town hall to highlight the irreversible damage to local traders that opening a Sainsbury's would create. They raised the significant environmental damage and traffic that would be caused by delivery lorries supplying the new store, the predicted increase in noise to a residential area and the predicted increase in antisocial behaviour, common with late night local supermarkets across the UK.

Perhaps the strongest argument was that the nearest Sainsbury's is just 10 minutes walk from the current site, in Finsbury Park.

We feel that destroying the trade and business of hundreds of local people in favour of yet another supermarket is unacceptable.

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