Claudia Webbe should give up her councillor's allowance

A letter to the Islington Gazette from Liberal Democrat Flora Page.

Flora Page, Islington Liberal Democrat Exec.

It is an outrage that Claudia Webbe is still pocketing an Islington councillor's allowance, paid for by Islington council tax payers, when she now earns £81,900 per year as an MP in Leicester.

Labour Council Leader Richard Watts should do what his job title suggests - give leadership  - and put a stop to this money-grabbing greed.
Because of COVID-19, the by-election to replace Ms Webbe as Bunhill councillor has had to be postponed until next year. So she is only there because of this deadly virus pandemic; instead of profiting from the crisis, she should donate her Councillor allowance to a local charity or fund battling to protect Islington people. Or doesn't she think nearly £82,000 is enough to live on? This is a shocking disregard for ordinary people whose jobs as well as health are at risk.
So if Ms Webbe won't behave responsibly - come on Councillor Watts, step in and do the right thing by the people of Islington in this unprecedented crisis.

Flora Page, Islington LD Exec.
Printed in the Islington Gazette, 9 May 2020

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