Demand a Final Say on Brexit

They promised the easiest of negotiations... now 'Brexiters' say we will need 50 years to recover. Join our campaign and demand a Final Say on Brexit.

Brexit is a mess. It is taking longer, costing more and is more complicated than anyone thought. Theresa May’s Government has proved unable to agree on any viable plan.

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is paralysed, unable to offer an alternative to the Tory vision of Brexit. Every time the Labour leadership has had the chance to work with other opposition parties to fight it, they have refused to take part.

After two years of acrimonious infighting and dead ends - despite the lies and manipulations of the Leave campaign, regardless of the impact Brexit will have on jobs, our health services and society as a whole - the Conservative Government seems determined to go ahead with Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats have repeatedly called for a referendum on the terms of the deal. We believe that the democratic option is to give us, the people, the final say on the final deal. Now that the alternatives are clear, this is the only way to reunify our country. Let the people approve the government deal or cancel Brexit.

Our summer of campaigning for a #FinalSay will culminate in a National Action Weekend.  

Come to one of our street stalls on 8th or 9th September to contribute to our ‘Brexit-o-Meter' and sign our petition, also available here:

You can join us at the following three convenient locations from 10am until 5pm on Saturday 8th September, and from midday until 6pm on Sunday 9th September:

Highbury and Islington station:

Finsbury Park station:

Angel Central on Upper Street:

We look forward to seeing you! 


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