Lib Dems take Islington in EU Election!

Results from the recent EU election make it clear that the Liberal Democrats are the party to stop Brexit and we are winning on that message.

EU Election results


16 new Lib Dem MEPs, including 9 women, with 3 MEPs in London; over 20% of the national vote, overtaking Labour including, importantly, right here in Islington.

Thank you to the people of Islington for backing our Stop Brexit campaign.

As the lead Remain party, we will hold Labour to account for its failure to stand up for what is best for Islington and for what Islington people want: to lead Europe not leave it, to work with our European neighbours on climate change, tax evasion, data protection and security, and to embrace our identity as a diverse and open community.

We are the voice for Europe and our message is simple: We will Stop Brexit.

Let’s do this.



Register to vote

The last date to register to vote in this election was Tuesday 7 May, but for future elections (like a snap General Election) you can still update your details or register to vote via

Vote ahead by post or with a proxy

If you would prefer to vote ahead of polling day by post you can arrange this with Islington Council.

Alternatively, you can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf should you not be able to participate yourself for whatever reason.

Find your polling place

Islington Council is responsible for running this election and you can find your future local polling station here. We always recommend going early to avoid any crowds.

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