Highbury Sorting Office Set To Close


Highbury residents are alarmed at the Royal Mail’s plans to close the Highbury sorting office in Hamilton Park, N5. The news which was broken to staff late last week, will see services moved to the Royal Mails site in North Road, N7.

This will force Royal Mail staff to drive to Highbury to deliver post, where at the moment all deliveries across N5 are done by foot by staff based at the office. The delivery office also serves as a pickup service for missed collections and parcels meaning residents now face a possible 2 mile walk to pick items up from North Road.

Local Liberal Democrats have recently written to the Royal Mail urging them to look at local options for people to pick up parcels and letters in Highbury thereby not force people to walk to N7 to collect items. 

Former Highbury Councillor and Liberal Democrat Campaigner Terry Stacy said: “This is a real blow to residents and Highbury as a whole following on from the closure of the Highbury Corner Post Office, I don’t think this is about improving services its more about making money out of the site.  The site is worth millions of pounds”

He is joined by a number of local residents who also voiced concerns:

Gabby Mann, Highbury Grange said: “The site in North Road is over two miles away from Highbury Barn, it seems more about money then about improving customer service, how will the old and the disabled be able to pick up parcels and letters? It will take two buses from here to get to North Road”

She was joined by Janet Wooden Highbury Quadrant who said: “The Royal Mail should be investigating ways to let parcels etc be picked up from what remaining Sub Post Offices we have in the area, like the ones on Highbury Barn and Holloway Road.

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