Highbury Corner Consultation

After a decade of campaigning, residents and local groups have given a mixed response to the current redevelopment of Highbury Corner.

While welcoming many of the improvements around the station, we have been voicing community concerns around how it has been delivered and the associated impact on local bus services. 

Plans for a pedestrian crossing from Canonbury Road shelved

Pedestrians will enjoy access to part of the Western part of the current roundabout which will be pedestrianised. However, the Council and City Hall have shelved the planned pedestrian crossing from Canonbury Road onto the island, and the pathway through the centre of the island, leaving pedestrians coming from Canonbury with no direct access to the island.

Local campaigner Ilana Lever said, “This is another example of the Labour run council ignoring local residents. The results from the
consultation showed that 56% of respondents voted for the option with direct access from Canonbury Road.”

In addition, whilst there are clear improvements for cyclists in the immediate area around the junction, the segregated cycle ways do not continue along Upper Street nor Holloway Road.

Local Lib Dems will continue to put pressure on the Mayor and City Hall chiefs to rethink this decision and listen to residents’ choice.

Please click here to view the full TfL consultation documents detailing the changes to Highbury Corner.  

Withdrawal of 277 bus route

The 277 bus will no longer serve Highbury Corner despite hundreds of bus users signing a petition to save it.

The removal of the 277 bus, which serves Highbury & Islington Station, would effectively result in a halving of the number of buses serving the St Paul's Road corridor. It also means the removal of any direct link between Islington and Canary Wharf.

Local campaigner and regular 277 user Victor Kaufman said, “Surely 'improvement' works should be there to improve connectivity and encourage people out of their cars. Cutting this vital bus link does the complete opposite. Regular bus users will know that the 277 often leaves its stand close to full, with standing room only. It is clear that the additional buses on the number 30 route, two each way, each day, are far from the additional capacity required.”

These changes will cause a huge inconvenience to public transport users and is another example of cuts to bus services that Labour is making throughout London.

Islington Lib Dems continue to propose extending the 277 bus to terminate in Angel where its night bus equivalent (N277) is due to start and finish.


Increase capacity at Highbury & Islington station

TfL must increase capacity at Highbury & Islington and reopen the disused station entrance at Holloway Road/Highbury Crescent, as reducing the number of pedestrians crossing Holloway Road at Highbury Corner is key to improving traffic flows and safety at Highbury Corner. 

Local campaigner Pierre Delarue observed, “Huge crowds often build up around the pedestrian crossing at the end of Holloway Road at peak times and around football matches, people are taking their lives into their hands. Imagine the improvement if football supporters could exit the station on the right side of Holloway road!”


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