Islington for a Brexit Extension

Time is running out. If the Government is to get an extension on Brexit, it needs to request it before the end of June 2020.

Time is running out for the UK to sign an extension with the EU

If the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal, this could have a devastating effect on Islington and the rest of the country. Over 14,490 EU nationals living in Islington have not been granted permanent Settled Status to remain in the UK.

A No-Deal Brexit would put unnecessary strain on the economy and the NHS, both already badly hit by Covid-19. Too many people in Islington are likely to suffer from such recklessness.

We can avoid a double crisis!

The Liberal Democrats introduced a Bill to require the Government to seek a two-year extension to the Brexit transition period.

This Bill would help ensure a two-year extension in order to work with our European partners and prevent a catastrophic No-Deal Brexit after the COVID-19 crisis.

Read more about the Bill on the Liberal Democrats website.

You can help support this bill and an extension of the transition:

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2. Write to your local MP and cc Lisa Nandy and Keir Starmer

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3. Sign a petition

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4. Contact the local media

Please write to either of the Islington papers:

Further reading:

Encompass-Europe: 'Institutional and horizontal provisions of the WA, including articles 126 and 132, are frozen as they are written now. The only possibility to decide on an extension of the TP is to do it before the end of June 2020.' Read more here

Global Trade Review: 'Barnard adds that there are 'complexities' if an extension is sought after the July cut off, including the possibility that a delay would have to be ratified by parliament in every EU member state. If the continent is still attempting to contain the virus, or faces a second outbreak, that could be difficult to achieve in practice.' Read more here

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