Islington's Housing Will Be Devastated by Tory Sell Off Plans

Islington Lib Dems have highlighted how Islington's Housing Stock will be devastated by new Tory sell off plans.

Commenting on the new Conservative Government’s plans in today’s Queens Speech to extend the Right to Buy for Housing Association properties, Terry Stacy, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Islington South and Finsbury and former Council Leader said:

"The Tories are proposing to raid council housing stock to pay for a raid on housing association stock. The only result will be a huge handout for the lucky few whilst the options for many with nowhere to live will all but disappear. 

“Extending the Right to Buy for Housing Associations will cost billions – money which could be far better spent on building truly affordable housing that Britain, which Islington sorely needs.

“An opinion poll carried out just last month showed that the most popular option in providing more affordable housing was to encourage councils and housing associations to build more homes – with 46% in support of this option. Just 16% supported extending the right to buy to Housing Association tenants”. 

"This will devastate Islington's council housing stock, with no commitment to rebuild these homes locally"

 "I will be working with my Lib Dem colleagues in the House of Lords to oppose this policy at every stage" 

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