Islington Labour and anti-Semitism: "No Comment"

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Following the suspension of Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party, we asked Labour councillors if:

  • they agreed with the Equality and Human Rights Commission(EHRC) report’s findings into anti-Semitism in Labour?
  • they agreed with Labour Leader Keir Starmer’s message to those who think allegations of anti-Semitism are exaggerated or a factional attack?
  • they supported the decision to suspend Jeremy Corbyn?


What do Labour Islington Councillors think about Jeremy Corbyn's suspension?

Some Labour councillors are providing public responses — you can see those below — and a cross section of Labour councillors have been contacted by concerned Islington residents. But the councillors had nothing to say on this crucial social issue and the public shaming of Jeremy Corbyn, Islington North MP and former Labour leader.

So far, four councillors have responded to local residents but gave no view. Nine councillors didn't respond to their constituents at all.

In the meantime, Islington's other Labour MP, Emily Thornberry is deafeningly silent. As is Council Leader Richard Watts.

Clearly there is deep disagreement within Islington Labour - we call on Councillor Watts to issue a statement urgently, answering local peoples' questions and clarifying Islington Labour's position.

We've started a petition to try to get a response. Why not sign it now!

Public responses by Islington Labour Councillors
Ward Councillor Response Comment
Bunhill Claudia Webbe ☹️ 'Dear Keir, ... Please work with the entire Labour movement to cooperate with and support the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn'
Bunhill Phil Graham ☹️ '...I think the decision to suspend Jeremy should be reviewed and reversed.”
Caledonian Paul Convery 🙂 'Corbyn's response today has been to blame others: the "process", the Party "bureaucracy", the political opponents'
St George's Gulcin Ozdemir ☹️ 'I am struggling to find the words & to register that he has been suspended from a party I don’t even recognise anymore.'
St George's Tricia Clarke ☹️

'We call for the immediate reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn'

Last update November 16, 2020

No comment from your councillor? Why not invite them to make a public response or let us know of your success contacting them.

If you're annoyed about the lack of response then sign our petition!

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