Islington Lib Dems highlight scaffolding scandal

When Council contracts are mismanaged, it is residents who suffer.  The scaffolding on Ecclesbourne Road in Canonbury has now been taken down after six months, all to do just a bit of painting.   Who is it that has bear the brunt of the Council’s mismanagement?  It is the residents.

According to the Council, the scaffolding was there for six weeks.  Did the Council not know it was up for six weeks, or did they turn a blind eye to the scaffolding company warehousing its materials on residents’ properties?

Simply put, the scaffolding was hired for six weeks, but enduring six months of scaffolding has left residents frustrated.  Some were concerned about an increased risk of burglary; others simply hacked off with having a load of scaffolding on their property.

The Islington Tribune has reported on one local resident setting up a helpline for people suffering as a consequence of long term unutilised scaffolding on their properties.

Ecclesbourne Road is one of many places where scaffolding used briefly by council contractors to complete works on the exterior of the building had been left in place well after the completion of the works. The clear benefit to the council’s contractor is that it saves on storage costs for the scaffolding, meanwhile residents have their windows blocked by this unnecessary and unsightly construction.

Beyond the direct nuisance of the scaffolding being there, it poses residents a security risk with upper floors being potentially more accessible to intruders. The council seems to have turned a blind eye on the action of their contractors, this is now having an impact on the quality of life of local residents.

Islington Lib Dems have been campaigning for the stopping of unnecessary use of scaffolding, and the council investing in a fleet of cherry pickers to be able to complete the exterior work more efficiently and at less of a burden to residents. The Lib Dems are also calling on the council to manage its contractors to ensure that scaffolding is taken down within three days of work completion.

Allowing the scaffolding company to store their materials on people’s property for five and half months represents an inability to put residents first.  All that was required was to manage the Council contract and to stop taking residents for a ride.  However, this would require a proactive approach that requires graft and since it residents who suffer and not the Council, where’s the incentive in that?


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