Keith Angus



Keith Angus is the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Islington North.

Keith’s lived in Islington for many years and is an activist in the local area. He’s been a Governor at Highbury Fields School for the past ten years, dedicated to supporting the school and its academic standards.

Over the years he’s actively campaigned on a number of issues, from local housing, to the environment, to transport issues.

Speaking after his selection as candidate, Keith said, “I'm honoured and proud to be selected as Parliamentary Candidate for the Lib Dems in Islington North. 

Islington is my home and I love it. However, it's also an area with its problems. We need to tackle chronic housing issues. We need to tackle crime, particularly hate crime which is going up in this area. 

The vote to leave the EU has given rise to hate crime. In a diverse, multi-cultural area like this - one of the reasons I love living here - firm action needs to be taken. 

Jeremy Corbyn might be liked by some within the Labour party, but I know from speaking to many people right here in Islington, his wider popularity among the public is dropping like a stone. As well-meaning a person he may be, he is not fit to be Prime Minister of this country. We all know it.

So it's time for the people of Islington to elect a Liberal who'll stand up for them, and not get eaten up in a socialist experiment that's doomed for failure. 

My call is simple. Vote Liberal Democrat and save the centre-left of politics from Corbyn before it's too late.”

Keith is speaking to a number of people locally to see how they can help with the Lib Dem campaign in Islington. Membership and support has grown substantially, particular after the EU referendum result. Keith and his team are building a grassroots campaign to get people engaged and involved in Liberal politics in the area. 

If you’d like to get in touch you can email Keith –

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