Labour Isn’t Listening, The Liberal Democrats Are: Making Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Work for Us All

Islington Liberal Democrats are listening to the concerns of residents. An issue we hear time and time again is the problem when Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) are imposed - without consultation and next to no advance notice.

The latest scheme is road closures around St Mary’s Church, which came into force on February 2nd. Yet again, there’s been no advance discussion with residents and many tell us they received no notice of the changes whatsoever. If you haven’t heard of these plans, they are:

CAMERA FILTERS: are being installed on Halton Road, Braes Street and Hawes Street.

CROSS STREET CLOSED: A camera filter will prevent vehicles from travelling between Upper Street and Essex Road.

GASKIN STREET TO BE CLOSED: Gaskin Road will also be closed to through traffic — but no precise timing for this has been given.

MORE TRAFFIC DIVERTED TO LIVERPOOL ROAD: Existing banned turns will remain in place - so it will not be possible to turn right from Upper Street into Canonbury Lane during rush hour. Council officers instead suggest using Islington Park Street to access Canonbury Lane. This is bound to increase traffic on already-congested Liverpool Road. Diverting traffic onto narrow side roads goes against the whole intention of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

BLUE BADGE HOLDERS living within the St Mary’s Church area will be able to drive through these new camera filters. Islington Liberal Democrats would like this exemption to operate across the whole of the Borough.

We support LTNs in their goal of making Islington a cleaner, safer and healthier borough to live in. Residents need to be consulted and, through that, improve these schemes and get greater support for them. If you want to support proper consultation and implementation of LTNs, sign our petition here Make street cameras work for residents

Kate Pothalingam, a spokesperson for Islington Liberal Democrats, who has written to Islington Council to demand community involvement, commented:

“Residents are telling us that politicians need to listen to local people and do things WITH us, not TO us! Liberal Democrats would hold proper Citizens’ Assemblies so all local people can give their views before schemes are brought in. That is the best way to spread the benefits of safer streets.”

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