Labour Isn’t Listening, The Liberal Democrats Are: The Edmonton Incinerator

Despite protests from local Liberal Democrats along with many other concerned residents, Islington’s Labour councillors recently voted to continue with the costly and polluting Edmonton incinerator.

Even Jeremy Corbyn has objected and Sadiq Khan has raised concerns about incinerators in London - but Labour has yet again ignored local views and rejected pleas to pause and rethink the project.

Under Labour, our Council Tax money is being used to transport 70% of Islington’s rubbish to Edmonton to be burnt, adding to air pollution and climate change. We should be cutting the amount of rubbish that we produce, not giving up and adding to pollution by burning it.

Commenting on the plans to expand the incinerator, Terry Stacy, a spokesperson for Islington Liberal Democrats, said:

“Building this incinerator will pollute some of the poorest parts of North London for the next 30-40 years. Islington should be working to increase recycling rates, which have declined in the past five years. We are calling for an urgent  review of this damaging scheme.”

If you have thoughts about the incinerator plan please fill in our survey on what Islington Council should focus on in 2022 here Islington 2022 Survey

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