Can you help us fix Islington?

Residents across Islington are sick and tired of being ignored by this Labour-run Islington Council. In recent weeks, they have wasted £500k fighting local people in Barnsbury, installed 'smart benches' that needed to be ripped up because they didn't apply for planning permission and now refuse to listen or properly consult local residents on controversial changes to Finsbury Leisure Centre.

Islington deserves better than a one-party state.

Help us hold this Labour run Islington council to account with any issues that you want fixed but Labour have ignored, or simply not bothered with.

Please feel free to add your issues here or have a look at what other people are posting below. Please share this page with friends and family in the borough so that we can make sure that everyone is heard.

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Reported problems and examples of Labour Islington Council waste

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