Islington Executive

Alain Desmier, Chair 

Alain is a local community activist who has lived in and around Islington for a number of years and chairs the Islington Liberal Democrats. A Lib Dem for many years, Alain joined frontline politics because of his desire to make local politics and democracy work for everyone in Islington.  He is passionately committed to representing local residents and ensuring that everyone has an amplified voice, not just those with wealth and power. Alain is chair of governors at a local Islington school and the Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Islington South and Finsbury.

Alan Muhammed, Vice-Chair

Alan is a former Borough Councillor and National Campaigns Officer at Liberal Democrat Headquarters.  As well as being Vice-Chair of Islington Liberal Democrats, he is also Vice-Chair and digital lead for London Region Lib Dems, on the English Council and is the Lib Dem Voice social media manager.  With over 13 years working on ground campaigns as well as working behind the scenes to influence policy and decision making nationally, he brings a wealth of expertise and skills to the local party. He is a senior manager for a technology consultancy, delivering projects for businesses and governments worldwide.

Adolfo Sansolini, Secretary

Adolfo joined the party in 2016, believing the Liberal Democrats to be the strongest defenders of progressive values in the current political landscape, and was elected Secretary of the local party in November 2017. He first became involved in politics as a teenager, and became a local councillor in Rome at the age of 22. Adolfo is now an animal welfare consultant and freelance journalist. He has coordinated campaigns globally and represented numerous non-governmental organisations before the European Union, United Nations, World Trade Organisation and Food and Agriculture Organisation. He moved to London in 2004 and is now a British citizen. As a dual-national European, he actively supported the Remain campaign during the EU Referendum.

Rob Page, Treasurer

Rob lives in Highbury West and has been a member of Islington Liberal Democrats for four years, and the local party treasurer for the past three. He believes a Lib Dem voice on Islington Borough Council is vital to hold the Council to account and ensure quality services for residents.  Rob has participated in two General Election campaigns as well as the EU Referendum in 2016. He is also a director and trustee of a small human rights charity. You can reach Rob at

Katie Davies, Membership officer

Katie became an active campaigner for the Liberal Democrats during the Richmond By-Election campaign in 2016, having joined the party after Brexit. The experience of meeting motivated and like-minded people inspired Katie to become more involved with her local party in Islington where she has lived for 12 years. Katie is now our Membership Officer and is available to talk to anyone thinking of joining or who would like to get more involved. Please feel free to email her with any questions at

John Cotton, Data officer

John has lived in Islington for over twenty years during which time he never concerned himself with any type of political organisation. It was the result of the Brexit referendum that galvanised him to take an active role in supporting the Liberal Democrats. He decided that if we want to live in a tolerant, vibrant, optimistic and liberal country, previously apolitical people like him needed to get involved to help achieve that aim. He is now the Islington Liberal Democrats' Data Officer and responsible for overseeing the security and accuracy of the party’s local data.

Kath Pollard, Events coordinator

On the day of the EU referendum, Kath was working as a TV post-production audio engineer in Prague.  She was devastated about the result and the prospect of losing her EU citizenship, which has enabled her to work throughout the European Union.  She decided to take up the fight for openness, tolerance and freedom and work towards addressing the issues that led to Brexit.  Since joining the Lib Dems in 2016, Kath has enjoyed campaigning and making friends with like-minded activists. She is now our local events officer and can be contacted at

Alice Meek, Council Election campaign manager

Alice is a committed local campaigner, having ardently campaigned for 'Stronger In' during the EU Referendum, and strongly believes in liberal democracy. She previously stood as a local Council candidate in Hammersmith and Fulham and was involved in the Islington Liberal Democrat 2017 General Election campaign.  As the Islington Lib Dem Council Election campaign manager, Alice is informing local people about the changes to Holloway prison and is often seen setting up street stalls to get the Liberal Democrat message out to the public.

Hamir Patel, Press and social media manager

Hamir has lived in Islington for the past four years, having grown up in northwest London. He has been active in the Liberal Democrats for nearly a decade, helping to run the parliamentary campaign in Hampstead and Kilburn in 2010 and undertaking a secondment to the party’s Writing Unit for the 2015 General Election. He works as a communications consultant specialising in public policy, helping organisations to get their voice heard. He is passionate about promoting liberal values and holding the Council to account. In November 2017, Hamir was elected as the Islington Liberal Democrats' press and social media manager.

Andrew Eaton, Co-Website Editor

Andrew re-joined the Liberal Democrats following the 2015 General Election, having previously been a member in his student days. He believes in moderate, progressive and pluralist politics based on compassion and understanding, rather than prejudice and dogma. The increasingly worrying state of British politics has motivated him to get active within the party and he campaigned across London during the 2017 General Election. He is now the co-Website Editor for the Islington Liberal Democrats.

Dan Grozdanovic, Co-Website Editor

Dan joined the party in 2016 after the EU Referendum, believing the Liberal Democrats to be the only voice in politics for those supporting the UK's continued membership. He is a lifelong Londoner and is a strong supporter and advocate of liberal and progressive values. While he is a relatively recent Islington resident, he is passionate about making the local party's clear message resonate across the Borough.