Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: ‘Tell the people what you’re up to!’ Kate Pothalingam puts Labour on the spot.

In the on-line debate on 26 August about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, Liberal Democrat Kate Pothalingam highlighted Labour’s lack of engagement with local people. She asked:

‘What lessons has the Labour Council learned from its Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) rollouts so far?

Kate Pothalingam, Islington Liberal Democrats

‘They need to do a great deal more to reach out to community groups and volunteer networks and provide information about the goals and purposes of low traffic neighbourhoods – helping those groups to answer questions from their members. Right now, they are missing the chance to answer the understandable worries of local residents.
'I am the Chair of the Highbury Fields Association (with a membership of over 250 households across Highbury) and we have written to Cllr Champion to show our support in principle for LTNs in the area and offering to meet to discuss local issues. However, other than a polite acknowledgement, there has been no follow-up from the Council.
'More transparency from the Council is needed to help smooth the rollout of these schemes across Islington.’

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