Maxx Turing - Islington Liberal Democrats

Maxx_-_bio.jpgMaxx Turing is a council leaseholder on the Percival Street Estate and lives and works in Bunhill. He is passionate about his neighbourhood and democratic representation.

Maxx is an entrepreneur working in the London tech startup scene. In 2020 he left his job and went full-time into his business in the middle of the pandemic - it’s been a success with clients in multiple countries and he’s on track to grow and expand. Maxx is a true operator - he likes to get things done. He wants to help local people, be a voice for them on the council and use his experience to improve the lives and wellbeing of his fellow neighbours. 

Maxx says: “Claudia Webbe has been an absent councillor since December 2019 when she was elected MP of Leicester East - more than 100 miles away! It is an absolute disgrace that the local Islington Labour Party has stood back and watched this situation unfold as Webbe continued to neglect Bunhill whilst collecting her tax-payer funded allowance for the last 15 months. The local Labour Party continues to take the people of Bunhill for granted. It is time we elect a hardworking, local councillor that this community needs and deserves."

Email Maxx at [email protected]

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