Failing the Climate Emergency: Did you Know Islington is Missing its Recycling Target?

Kate Pothalingam, Victoria Collins and Maxx Turing headed out this week to talk to local residents. An issue which has come up repeatedly has been rubbish and recycling and so we’re asking what you think needs to be done.

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Campaigning for a Better Future for Young People in Holloway

There is strong desire for change in Holloway. I have talked to over 200 residents in the past week. Me and my dedicated team of helpers, including one of the children I mentor, have delivered over 11,000 leaflets across the ward, and we have NOT finished yet.

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Mutual Aid in Islington: Views from a Liberal Democrat

One of the few positives to emerge from the COVID crisis has been an outpouring of neighbourly support and goodwill. Here in Islington, as in many other places, this was channelled through grassroots “mutual aid” groups. These groups were set up spontaneously at ward-level back in March 2020, loosely coordinating with each other across Islington and beyond.

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Announcing our by-election candidates

The Islington Liberal Democrats are proud to announce their candidates for the upcoming Islington council by-elections in Bunhill, Highbury West, Holloway, Mildmay and St Peter's.

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Labour's LTN “answers” only raise more questions

On 25 February, Islington Liberal Democrats put five simple questions to Islington Council concerning Low Traffic Neighbourhoods(LTNs). Simple but seemingly difficult to answer.

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: five questions to the Council

Islington Liberal Democrats support Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs). They reduce pollution and traffic, and encourage active, healthy alternative modes of transport such as walking and cycling. However, the introduction of LTNs needs to be done with sensitivity to the needs of the local community, especially groups, such as the elderly and disabled, who are more dependent on cars.

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Barnsbury Neighbourhood Survey

barnsbury graphic

Big Changes are coming to Barnsbury, such as the council's plan to introduce a Low Traffic Neighbourhood and changes to Barnard Park and the Barnsbury Estate.

Islington Liberal Democrats want to hear what you think.

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Your Streets, Your Say

In favour of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
Consult residents before implementation
Use cameras to allow LTN residents and blue badge holders through some local filters


  1. Implement Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) that work for the benefit of all residents and do not pitch pedestrians, cyclists and motorists against each other. 
  2. Set up Citizens’ Assemblies to ensure that, going forward, local people have a real say and can work together to improve their neighbourhoods. 
  3. Use camera-controlled traffic filters to recognise number plates so that local residents and businesses, and Blue Badge holders have continued direct access to their own streets.

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Peabody must fulfil its commitment to Islington residents

Local Liberal Democrats have voted overwhelmingly to support the cross-political community group Community Plan for Holloway.  The aim of the group, created in 2016 when Holloway Prison for women closed,  is to ensure the views of Islington residents are heard in deciding how the Holloway Prison site is used.

Their 2017 consultation, in which 900 people took part highlighted three priorities: green space, housing, and a women’s building.

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Islington Labour and anti-Semitism: "No Comment"

Following the suspension of Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party, we asked Labour councillors if:

  • they agreed with the Equality and Human Rights Commission(EHRC) report’s findings into anti-Semitism in Labour?
  • they agreed with Labour Leader Keir Starmer’s message to those who think allegations of anti-Semitism are exaggerated or a factional attack?
  • they supported the decision to suspend Jeremy Corbyn?


What do Labour Islington Councillors think about Jeremy Corbyn's suspension?

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