Number 4 Bus is Saved - Thanks to Local Residents and Campaigners

Islington Liberal Democrats are celebrating success in their campaign to save the number 4 bus route after a u-turn by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

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Don't Let The Council Fob Residents Off

For months, residents of Islington Council estates have not been able to get replacement key fobs for entry phone doors.


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Stop the Cuts to our Essential Bus Services

Several bus routes linking Islington with the Barbican & St Paul’s, including a crucial link to the Whittington Hospital, face cuts or will be cancelled completely according to plans announced by the Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, in response to the Conservative government’s failure to properly fund TfL.


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Listening to Islington: Our Policies - A Safer Islington

Crime in Islington is a serious problem. There were over 7,000 violent offences in our borough last year. Theft from people is more than twice the London average. Bike theft in Islington is nearly twice the London average. Even the former Labour Mayor of Islington said that Labour has failed to act against knife crime. No wonder people tell us they don’t feel safe and that the Labour Council isn’t listening to their concerns.

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Listening to Islington: Our Policies - Cleaner and Greener Streets & Estates

Keeping our streets and estates clean is a basic service that the Council should deliver for every neighbourhood across Islington. But too many local people are facing the opposite.

Under Labour, fly-tipping is up by 23%, and litter bins across Islington are overflowing.

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Listening to Islington: Our Policies - Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Liberal Democrats support the principle of cutting traffic levels for a safer, healthier, and greener borough. Only 30% of Islington residents own a car, yet too many are exposed to illegal levels of pollution from congested main roads.

We want to see all residents get the benefit of quieter, well-managed roads, and improved air quality across the borough. And as part of that, we support the goal of rolling out Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) across Islington.

But under Labour, what could have been a positive policy has divided communities, with some of the most vulnerable residents paying the price. Those who live outside the LTNs face increased congestion and pollution on their doorsteps every day.

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Listening to Islington: Liberal Democrats will Improve Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Create a Greener and Safer Borough

Democracy in Islington is in trouble. Whatever party you normally support, an electoral system that gives one party 47 out of 48 of seats on the back of 60% of the vote can't be right. That is what happened in Islington in 2018.

As we are seeing at the national level with Boris Johnson's Conservatives, huge majorities lead to poor decisions. Governments become complacent and forget to listen to voters that put them there.

Sadly, Labour in Islington has also forgotten how to listen. On 5 May, we have a chance to change that.

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Update: Council to Stop Investments in Russian Companies

UPDATE: We are glad Islington Borough Council agrees with our call to stop investing in Russia - a view shared by people across Islington.

The chair of the Pension subcommittee that has responsibility for the Fund's investments told us "Islington will therefore divest these holdings either by sale as soon as possible or we shall write-off as being worthless assets. We shall continue to do all we can to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine; and to protect the reputation, integrity and value of the pension fund."

Our petition demanded “Our council’s pension fund must take a stand, and if it holds any shares in Russian - or Russian-linked companies - they must be sold immediately”,  says Liberal Democrat spokesperson, Kate Pothalingam, following the horrific news of Russia invading Ukraine.

We thank those who supported this initiative.


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Labour Isn’t Listening, the Liberal Democrats Are: The Holloway Prison Redevelopment

Islington Liberal Democrats are calling for a rethink of the controversial Holloway Prison plans. 

The historic Holloway Prison site offers a much-needed opportunity for social housing in Islington but the Labour Council may be about to approve plans that will see a damaging mix of over-large towers and poor quality housing. We believe our area deserves better, with high quality affordable homes and a development that respects the local area. Once again, we see Labour’s lack of consultation with the people of Islington.

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Labour Isn’t Listening, The Liberal Democrats Are: Making Cycling More Affordable

Islington has one of the highest rates of bike theft in London. The council should act to make bike parking safer.

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