Islington's Libraries are being threatened with closure

Islington Lib Dems have caught sight of a leaked council document which contained a detailed programme of cuts to front line services that the Labour run council is planning to make over the next four years. Rather than the council’s bloated back office budget taking the hit, or the council cutting back on the various vanity projects that Labour have thrown money at, it is services that local residents use and rely on that are going to be cut when Labour propose their next budget.

Included in Labour’s hit list is the Cally Pool, which itself went through a major refurbishment at the cost of £350k just last year. It could see its doors closed for the last time if these proposals get the go ahead.Key_MildmayLibrary.JPG

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Equal marriage comes to Islington

At the stroke of midnight on 29 March, history was made when same-sex couples in Islington were able to get married and equal marriage became law.

Couples currently in civil partnership will be able to marry and have all the same rights and legal recognition as straight couples. Existing marriages of gay couples that took place overseas will also be legally recognised in England.

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