Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Your Streets, Your Say

In favour of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
Consult residents before implementation
Use cameras to allow LTN residents and blue badge holders through some local filters


  1. Implement Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) that work for the benefit of all residents and do not pitch pedestrians, cyclists and motorists against each other. 
  2. Set up Citizens’ Assemblies to ensure that, going forward, local people have a real say and can work together to improve their neighbourhoods. 
  3. Use camera-controlled traffic filters to recognise number plates so that local residents and businesses, and Blue Badge holders have continued direct access to their own streets.

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Peabody must fulfil its commitment to Islington residents

Local Liberal Democrats have voted overwhelmingly to support the cross-political community group Community Plan for Holloway.  The aim of the group, created in 2016 when Holloway Prison for women closed,  is to ensure the views of Islington residents are heard in deciding how the Holloway Prison site is used.

Their 2017 consultation, in which 900 people took part highlighted three priorities: green space, housing, and a women’s building.

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Islington Labour and anti-Semitism: "No Comment"

Following the suspension of Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party, we asked Labour councillors if:

  • they agreed with the Equality and Human Rights Commission(EHRC) report’s findings into anti-Semitism in Labour?
  • they agreed with Labour Leader Keir Starmer’s message to those who think allegations of anti-Semitism are exaggerated or a factional attack?
  • they supported the decision to suspend Jeremy Corbyn?


What do Labour Islington Councillors think about Jeremy Corbyn's suspension?

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Islington Labour and the anti-Semitism report

The Islington Labour Party has some serious questions to answer


November 6 update: see the current response from Islington Labour


Following the suspension of Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party, it is time for Labour leaders in Islington to answer some basic questions:

  • Do they agree with the Equality and Human Rights Commission(EHRC) report’s findings into anti-Semitism in Labour?
  • Do they agree with Labour Leader Keir Starmer’s message to those who think allegations of anti-Semitism are exaggerated or a factional attack: “Frankly, you are part of the problem too. And should be nowhere near the Labour Party”.
  • Do they support the decision to suspend Jeremy Corbyn?

If the answer to any of the questions is not a resounding YES, will they please explain to the people of Islington what they do believe in? And how they can still remain members of Keir Starmer’s Labour Party?


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Islington Liberal Democrats Support UBI

Islington Liberal Democrat Victoria Collins has spoken passionately in support of Universal Basic Income (UBI) at the Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference 2020. Watch Victoria's speech below:

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Islington Liberal Democrats question the lack of information from Islington Council following the take-over by Centrica.

Angelic Energy: Have Islington council tax payers incurred losses?

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: ‘Tell the people what you’re up to!’ Kate Pothalingam puts Labour on the spot.

In the on-line debate on 26 August about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, Liberal Democrat Kate Pothalingam highlighted Labour’s lack of engagement with local people. She asked:

‘What lessons has the Labour Council learned from its Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) rollouts so far?

Kate Pothalingam, Islington Liberal Democrats

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Government must act swiftly to honour promises to Hong Kong

Responding to reports that China has passed a sweeping national security law giving it new powers over Hong Kong, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Alistair Carmichael has called on the UK Government to act swiftly.

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Watts admits Islington was 'a bit slower' than neighbours on low traffic neighbourhoods

Islington Council leader, Richard Watts, admitted today that Islington has been ‘a bit slower’ than some neighbouring councils on producing detailed plans for low traffic neighbourhoods. 



Islington Liberal Democrats asked Richard Watts during a Facebook Live video session why Islington hadn’t received any funding from TFL for such schemes. Watts claimed that TFL had so far only provided cash for schemes that were ‘already agreed.’ (TFL’s first round of funding has allocated £6.3 million for 136 emergency cycling and walking schemes in London - and no cash went to Islington.)

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Black Lives Matter

Like so many people around the world we were horrified by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis last week.

His death has sparked international uproar and the rebirth of the Black Lives Matter movement. The reality is that this movement never went away because the injustices never went away for black people, whether in the US or across the world.

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