Islington for a Brexit Extension

Time is running out. If the Government is to get an extension on Brexit, it needs to request it before the end of June 2020.

Time is running out for the UK to sign an extension with the EU

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Space for People - Safe streets and clean air now!

Low traffic neighbourhoods are key to a safer, cleaner Islington - and must be introduced immediately, insist local Liberal Democrats.

Lib Dem spokesperson Kate Pothalingam with an Islington Lollypop Man

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Wanted - clean air for all and safe space for pedestrians and cyclists

Listening to people across Islington, these are long term positives for us all that could come out of the awful COVID crisis - if we are determined to make change happen. 

This is why we put a series of questions to Labour Council leader Richard Watts in his Facebook Live broadcast (Friday May 22). He didn’t directly answer any of them! So we are repeating them in this article.

Traffic on High Street, Islington

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14,490 EU nationals in Islington left in limbo, Lib Dems warn

The Liberal Democrats are calling for EU citizens to be given the automatic right to stay in the UK, as new official figures show 14,490 EU nationals living in Islington have not been granted permanent Settled Status to remain in the UK.

Liberal Democrats stand up for EU Nationals

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Islington Liberal Democrats ‘Calling with Kindness’

"In the last few weeks I have joined in the London wide campaign led by Siobhan Benita of ‘Calling with Kindness’. Liberal Democrats across the city reaching out beyond our membership to our neighbours to check that people are aware of the support and advice that might be available to them and perhaps just to have a chat.

Helen Redesdale 'Calling with Kindness' in Islington

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Our Living Standards. Our jobs in hard Brexit Britain

December 2019’s General Election saw Brexit inflicted on us all. Johnson’s Tories got well under half votes cast; as in the May European elections, Remain parties got more combined votes than Leavers. But under our distorted, unequal election system, Johnson’s minority vote got a big majority of seats. And so Brexit is happening - and Johnson has given himself just none months to finalise a trade agreement between the UK and the EU.

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Sshh! Council's quiet plan to rebuild Bunhill

key_bunhill_map.jpgThe Council wants to rebuild on 38 sites around Bunhill. The trouble is: they aren’t talking about it... Flora, our ward champion, wants to know what you think.

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Entire Liberal Democrat manifesto blazoned on Islington billboards

Local Liberal Democrats are showing off their full election manifesto on three billboards at the busy junction of Caledonian and MacKenzie Roads.


“Whether it’s addressing the climate emergency, making our streets safe or getting the nightmare of Brexit stopped, it’s all there,” said Kate Pothalingam, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Islington South and Finsbury. 

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Liberal Democrat Election Manifesto

2019 Election Manfesto

The Liberal Democrats have a detailed Election Manifesto that shows how we will stop Brexit and build a brighter future.


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Stop Brexit. Vote Liberal Democrat

Local candidates with Jo Swinson

If we win the December 12 General Election, we will end the Brexit mess by revoking Article 50, so we remain in the European Union.

Then we can all get on with investing in better schools, health and our environment - with building a brighter future.

People deserve better than Boris Johnson’s No Deal Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Brexit. 

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