Lib Dems take Islington in EU Election!

Results from the recent EU election make it clear that the Liberal Democrats are the party to stop Brexit and we are winning on that message.

EU Election results


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Easter Food Bank Drive

On Saturday 13 April we will once again be collecting food in support of Islington Food Bank with a focus on those items on their Most Wanted List.

Our stall will be outside Sainsbury's, 31-41 Liverpool Rd (N1 0RW) from 10am to 1pm. See you then

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The Next Mayor of London

London is in the grip of a knife crime crisis, living costs continue to soar, and inequality within our society is widening. Londoners need and demand better services they can rely on.

Siobhan Benita

The Liberal Democrats are committed to building more social and affordable homes, taking people out of high rents and conditions we should be ashamed of.

The party will invest in policing, find a solution to the inadequacy of our train operators and navigate a radical approach to improving our chronic levels of air pollution.

Siobhan Benita will lead the campaign for the Liberal Democrats in London, building on recent success in the capital, gaining control of both Richmond and Kingston councils and an increased vote share of 21% achieved in this years Lewisham by-election.



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Islington Quiz Night - Saturday 23 March 2019

You are warmly invited to the famous, annual, Islington Liberal Democrats quiz night.

We've organised a night of great food, drink & brain-teasing questions.

Quiz Night

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Islington Let’s Talk Knife Crime

Hosted by Liberal Democrat Councillor and London Assembly Candidate Hini Bokhari and held at ProspeX, the panel included Beef Frankland of ProspeX, Josh Babarinde from Award-winning social enterprise ‘Cracked It’, and Cameron Thorp from the Met Police.

The most memorable moments came when a lady in the front row was called on to speak. She rose to her feet, moved her glasses to the top of her head and in a quiet voice spoke of how her own boy had been killed just weeks before.

When she finished a young girl in school uniform then stood up in the back row, cheeks wet with tears, and talked of how her young cousin’s life was also recently taken.

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Join us for the People's Vote March for the Future

On Saturday, 20 October 2018, the Islington Liberal Democrats will be joining Islington In Europe once again, to march on Central London to demand a People’s Vote.

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Autumn 2018 Food Bank Drive

This Autumn we will be collecting food once again in support of the Islington Food Bank, a wonderful local initiative that does great work in our community.

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Exit From Brexit Action Weekend

Our summer of campaigning for a final say on Brexit culminated in an Exit From Brexit Action Weekend featuring a Brexitometer, gauging local support for a People's Vote. 

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The Highbury Corner Nightmare

The nightmare is far from over for pedestrians and users of public transport.

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Demand a Final Say on Brexit

They promised the easiest of negotiations... now 'Brexiters' say we will need 50 years to recover. Join our campaign and demand a Final Say on Brexit.

Brexit is a mess. It is taking longer, costing more and is more complicated than anyone thought. Theresa May’s Government has proved unable to agree on any viable plan.

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is paralysed, unable to offer an alternative to the Tory vision of Brexit. Every time the Labour leadership has had the chance to work with other opposition parties to fight it, they have refused to take part.

After two years of acrimonious infighting and dead ends - despite the lies and manipulations of the Leave campaign, regardless of the impact Brexit will have on jobs, our health services and society as a whole - the Conservative Government seems determined to go ahead with Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats have repeatedly called for a referendum on the terms of the deal. We believe that the democratic option is to give us, the people, the final say on the final deal. Now that the alternatives are clear, this is the only way to reunify our country. Let the people approve the government deal or cancel Brexit.

Our summer of campaigning for a #FinalSay will culminate in a National Action Weekend.  

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