HM Holloway Prison Development


On Saturday 23rd September the Islington Liberal Democrats will be encouraging residents to provide their views on the development of the historic Holloway Prison site. 

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Keith Angus rousing speech to Islington North

Keith Angus Rally Speech 2017

“As your Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Islington North, I will fight hard, day in, day out, against a Government who’s taking this country down a destructive path. I will ensure the people of Islington are represented again.” – Keith Angus

Keith Angus, Liberal Democrat candidate for Islington North in the 2017 general election launched his campaign with an impressive rally on Highbury Fields. Here is what he had to say to the crowd who joined him in a show of support.

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Alain Desmier call to Islington South voters

 Alain Desmier rally speech 2017

General Election 2017: “This next 6 weeks, friends, is very much about sides, and in particular which side of history we want to be on.” – Alain Desmier

Launching his campaign for the parliamentary seat of Islington North and Finsbury, Lib Dem Alain Desmier addressed a large crowd of supporters gathered on Highbury Fields. If you could not be there, here is what he had to say:

“Two weeks ago, I bet you didn’t think you’d be stood in the middle of a park, listening to a guy with a megaphone?

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2017 Snap GE: The LibDems announce their two parliamentary candidates for Islington

Alain Desire and  keith Angus Islington Libdems election candidates 2017

Selected last October as the LibDems candidate for Islington North in view of a snap General Election, Keith Angus has confirmed that he will run against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has held the seat for 33 years. Keith Angus said: 

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Islington LibDems March for Europe

Islington LibDems at the Angel

For months, Saturday March the 25th had been earmarked by ‘Unite for Europe’ as the day to celebrate the EU and ‘march for Europe’. Coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome that founded the union, and four days before Article 50 is to be invoked, this was the occasion to remind the Tory government that the country remains divided on Brexit.

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Islington Lib Dem AGM 2016

Islington Lib Dems gathered last night at Christ Church, Highbury to review a year of local Islington politics and elect a new executive.

At the most well attended AGM in recent years, members reviewed the previous years accounts, took reports and asked questions of outgoing officers and listened to speeches from incoming officers Alain Desmier and Baroness Ece-Hussein.

The Islington Lib Dems have gone from strength to strength in 2016 with membership numbers at a record high and a very encouraging by-election result in Barnsbury.

Incoming Chair Alain Desmier told members that it was he was honoured to represent the local party as chair and that "vulnerable people in Islington are being let down because we aren’t there to represent them and we need to change that".

Baroness Ece-Hussein, appointed as President for 2017, told members that she would use her role to ensure that the local party focused on diversity of council candidates for the next local elections and spoke passionately about the need for everyone in the party to encourage others to join and stand for the Lib Dems.

After a short break to enjoy mince pies and wine, Caroline Pigeon a member of the London Assembly for the Liberal Democrats spoke about her experiences campaigning on issues across the capital like improving public transport and stronger policing and spoke candidly about the difference between working with Boris Johnson and Sadiq Khan.

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Richmond Action Day

Team Islington are heading to Richmond Park on Sunday. Join us and help in an essential parliamentary by-election. Getting our candidate Sarah Olney elected is hugely important not just for our party, but to send a message to the Tory government that their handling of Brexit is out of order.

So join the team for some campaigning. No experience needed and you'll get a briefing on the way to Richmond by some of the more experienced campaigners.

We're meeting outside Highbury and Islington tube at 10.30am Sunday, before getting the tube and train to the campaign HQ. It's in zone 3 so you just need your Oyster card/contactless to pay.

If you've never been campaigning, it's good fun and by far the best - and most important - way you can get involved. Join us! There will be a mix of activities on offer, whether door knocking or delivering.

If you're not sure whether to come or simply want more info then contact me - Keith Angus - before the event and I'll happily fill you in on what's involved. 07792 039535.

If you are coming then remember to download the app MiniVan on your mobile device before you come. It's our online campaigning tool and makes the process easy and simple. Just search 'MiniVan' in your AppStore or Google Play to find it. Learning how to use it is simple and straightforward - one of us will explain it on the way to Richmond.

We look forward to seeing you!


More event information on our Facebook page 

Islington: It’s Now Up to Us


Islington: It’s Now Up to Us
Lib Dems make bold move on Jeremy Corbyn’s Islington North seat.
Last chance to save the centre-left of politics from a generation of Tory rule; time to eject Corbyn from his seat “before it’s too late” 

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Lib Dem Conference 2016 Preview


Liberal Democrat conference is nearly here and members will gather in Brighton, Saturday 17th September - Tuesday 20th, next week.

As ever, Islington will be sending a strong delegation of members. We'd love to have you with us by with the seaside and you are able to buy tickets now. If you are planning to attend last minute, drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll make sure we send you details of other

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Islington select parliamentary candidates


One of the busiest Islington Lib Dem meetings for several years, successfully selected two parliamentary candidates last night. Terry Stacy and Keith Angus will stand as the Prospective Parliamentary candidates (PPC) in the two Islington constituencies in the event of snap general election.

Selected as PPC for Islington South and Finsbury, Terry Stacy spoke about his plans for the future, he said, “We need to be prepared for all eventualities. It’s so important that at the next elections we fill Parliament with parliamentarians who are unambiguously Pro-European and support the principles of tolerance and fairness for all. Only Lib Dems in Government can deliver and represent the views of all of our community”

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