Lib Dems Oppose Tory Welfare Cuts


The Lib Dems have opposed George Osborne's welfare cuts tonight in parliament. The eight remaining Lib Dem MPs tabled a parliamentary motion calling for the withdrawal of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, singling out the proposed cuts to disability benefits as being particularly unfair.

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Islington Lib Dems Campaign to Save the Human Rights Act


Islington Liberal Democrats were out in force this weekend, speaking to local residents in Canonbury about the Tory plans to scrap the Human Rights Act. 

Before the election Liberal Democrats warned that if the Conservatives won a majority they would scrap the Human Rights Act.

Now the Conservatives have set out plans to abolish the Human Rights Act in the first 100 days of this Parliament.

The Human Rights Act protects your basic human rights regardless of your gender, religion or background and ensures that everyone is treated equally and fairly.

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Charles Kennedy: A Tribute from Islington


On Wednesday I sat in the gallery of the Houses of Parliament, only yards away from Charles Kennedy's former wife Sarah, and their 10 year old son Donald, and listened to Charles Kennedy's contemporaries pay their respects to an exceptional person and in my opinion the best Leader the Lib Dems have ever had.

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Profiting from Not Selling Out - Lets Start (up)


With so many start-ups and small businesses in Islington, and on our doorstep in Hackney, we’ve got good reason to think carefully about we represent and support entrepreneurs, their businesses and their employees.

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Islington's Housing Will Be Devastated by Tory Sell Off Plans

Islington Lib Dems have highlighted how Islington's Housing Stock will be devastated by new Tory sell off plans.

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Islington Lib Dems Welcome 100 New Members


Islington Liberal Democrats are celebrating gaining over 100 new members in the last week after a more than 11,000 surge in Lib Dem members nationally to over 56,000. 

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Lib Dems Pledge No More Pay Cuts for Public Sector Workers


Liberal Democrats will guarantee public sector pay increases by at least the rate of inflation.

Nick Clegg said public sector workers deserve to see light at the end of the tunnel after five years of pay restraint and to feel the benefits of economic recovery.

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Julian Gregory is Campaigning to End Islington's Housing Crisis


Last week, Julian Gregory, the Liberal Democrat general election candidate for Islington North, attended hustings on housing organised by the Islington Private Renters group and Generation Rent, a housing campaigning organisation.

Julian talked about the housing crisis that is facing Islington, and of the big social changes this is bringing about.  He also put forward some solutions, which include a number of Lib Dem policy proposals.  These are needed both to strengthen the position of renters and to get more homes built, in Islington and across the country. 

You can read what Julian said in his short opening statement below. 

And you can find his story of the housing crisis, including facts from Shelter and details of several policies on housing, by clicking here.

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Terry Stacy announces new Rent To Buy scheme


Terry Stacy and the Islington Liberal Democrats have announced their new scheme to help new homeowners get on the housing ladder: Rent to Buy.

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Workers in Islington set to benefit from record minimum wage increase

2,300 workers in Islington will see a boost to their pay packet from October this year, thanks to Liberal Democrats in government.

The National Minimum Wage is set to rise by three per cent, which means workers will get a new rate of £6.70 an hour.

It is the largest real-terms increase in the National Minimum Wage since 2008, and over 1.4 million UK workers are set to benefit.

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