No Complaints Data To Back Up Council Parking Plans


A investigation by Islington Liberal Democrats has revealed that the Council receives less than two complaints a week about Parking in the borough, and most of these are about the incorrect issuing of parking tickets, not about the provision of parking spaces, nor about the hours of operation of parking zones.

A recent freedom of information requested showed that the Council received on average less than two complaints a week about parking, these figures are based on date collected between 2011 and 2015. With 113 complaints being received in 2012/2013, this year (2015/2016) the council has only receiving 39 complaints in the run up to the launch of their Parking Control Consultation.

The plans are recommending a major increase in parking control hours. The Council refused to provide a breakdown of these complaints on a local area basis as demanded by business leaders and local residents especially those in the Arsenal Match Day Control area. 

This information came to light less then week after petitions collected by the Islington Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and Islington Liberal Democrats, and signed by over 10,000 people were handed into Islington Council in opposition to the Council's plans to increase parking control hours across the borough. And it was revealed that the consultation had cost nearly £90,000 so far. 

Former Islington Councillor and Liberal Democrat Campaigner Terry Stacy said:

“Time and Time again we have heard Labour Councillors justify theirs plans to increase parking Control hours by saying that businesses and residents have been complaining about parking in the borough, and what do we find out from the Council's own figures, that it has received less than two complaints a week on average about parking in the borough since 2011, and most of these about parking tickets, not about parking zone hours”

He was joined by Tony Bedwell, Manager of the Highbury Barn Tavern in N5 who said; 

“This consultation is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, the Council that just wants to sting local residents, businesses and shoppers for more cash its straight and simple”.

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