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Local anger is growing in Highbury at council plans to ignore local residents and grant Sainsbury's planning permission to open a 'local' store on Blackstock Road.

Islington Council look set to amend a planning application that will allow Sainsbury's to build on the former site of Highbury Vale Police Station, despite initially agreeing with local residents that the site should be a gym.

In 2014, a campaign spearheaded by local Liberal Democrat, Terry Stacy, took over 3000 petition signatures to Islington town hall to highlight the irreversible damage to local traders that opening a Sainsbury's would create. They raised the significant environmental damage and traffic that would be caused by delivery lorries supplying the new store, the predicted increase in noise to a residential area and the predicted increase in antisocial behaviour, common with late night local supermarkets across the UK.

Perhaps the strongest argument was that the nearest Sainsbury's is just 10 minutes walk from the current site, in Finsbury Park.

We feel that destroying the trade and business of hundreds of local people in favour of yet another supermarket is unacceptable.

Can you help us object to this latest attempt by Sainsbury's?

As a result of lobbying, the local council have extended deadline for planning objections to Monday 9th Jan @ 5pm, so we need to be quick.

We have gathered some of the objections of local people, below.

You can find the full details of the planning application by searching using this reference number P2016/1249/S73 on the Islington Council web site at

To object via email, contact and

The reference number to quote is P2016/1249/S73.


Local people have told us they object to a Sainsbury's on Blackstock Road for some of the following reasons: 


* Increased traffic (6 lorry deliveries a day and customer parking) – a substantial loading bay taking up several car parking spaces and reducing pavement width – increasing the hazards for local pedestrians with several local schools and nurseries in the area , including one next door to the site, that children walk to

* Disruption to three major bus routes by the loading bay

* Increased environmental pollution (lorry diesel fumes, rubbish)

* Increased noise pollution (late night deliveries, noisy customers), a major problems at the two other Sainsbury’ s locals sites in the area

* Antisocial behaviour (outdoor late night & underage drinkers nearby)

* Loss of independent shops (unfair competition, in addition there are at least 4 local grocers within a 1/2-mile radius)

* Loss of local jobs 

* Shift shoppers’ focus away from well-established shopping areas such.

* Loss of local distinctiveness and loss of local diversity.

* Significant noise expected with the current proposal of an external refrigeration unit being put on the new green roof that backs directly on the gardens on Canning road. The unit will not keep the character and current appearance of the building/terrace houses

* There are inconsistencies in the drawings supplied between the ground floor and upper ground floor levels

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