Our Candidates for the 2022 Local Elections

Islington Liberal Democrats are offering a full team of 51 candidates across the borough’s 17 wards for the elections on 5 May.

The party has also launched its manifesto for the elections, Listening to Islington, with policies on cutting the cost of living, tackling climate change, getting basic services right and making Islington a place where all communities can live a good life.

It also offers a positive alternative to the Labour Council’s failures on three key issues: waste & recycling, rising crime, and the bungled introduction of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

Local party Chair, Dominic Martin, says:

“Democracy in Islington is in trouble. An electoral system that gives one party 47 out of 48 of seats on the back of 60% of the vote has resulted in a complacent, tone-deaf Council. Labour in Islington has forgotten how to listen.

"Our manifesto presents an alternative vision for Islington, one based on more than a year of careful listening to the residents of this borough. It offers a practical plan for holding the Council to account in opposition and for a different type of administration in Islington in the future.

"Islington Liberal Democrats are the positive alternative to Labour in Islington. We were second to Labour in 2019 General Election and first across Islington in the 2019 European Parliament elections. May 5 should mark the end of the one party state in Islington. For real change this year, vote Liberal Democrat.”

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