Phil Stevens - Candidate for Mildmay by-election 2021

Phil_-_bio.jpegA wheelchair user with multiple disabilities, Phil Stevens is the Chair of the board of trustee of Disability Action Islington and the CEO of Disability Action Haringey. He has recently completed a Law degree at Birkbeck, University of London.

In 2003 Phil developed both a neurological condition and a condition called syringomyelia. despite both those conditions greatly affecting his health Phil’s remains determined to continue making a valuable contribution to society. He has gained extensive experience in Inclusion through various roles including being Chair of the Liberal Democrats Disability Association, Chair of Disability Action in Islington, Member of ISNB, Chair of an Islington school governing body, Director of the NCPTA. Director and Trustee for Circle Care and Support Ltd, Independent member of Metropolitan Police SCO 19 Fire Arms and Taser review panel as well as Chair of the Metropolitan Police Independent Disability Advisory Group.

Needless to say, Phil has a robust understanding of the importance of inclusive practice for enhancing the opportunities of all people.

Asked why he wants to be a Liberal Democrats councillor Phil answers: This is the chance to bring about real change to so many within your community. For 11 long years, the residents of Islington have been denied the representation they so desperately need and deserve. Under a Labour administration there has been no real attempt, to create a fairer and more equal Islington – the divide between the different social and economical residents within Islington, is now at an all-time high, as a Liberal Democrat councillor I know that I could work towards addressing and breaking down those divides and that is why I want to be elected.”

Email Phil at [email protected]

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