Remove Residential Scaffolding

There has been an increase in the amount of scaffolding going up on council residential  buildings in the borough. Despite this there has been very little sign of any work being completed at any greater pace. Rather it seems that council contractors are using residential properties for storage of scaffolding structures, through leaving them attached to buildings long after the completion of any work.


Islington Lib Dems are calling on the Labour run council to put residents first and implement a three-day policy for scaffolding. We would see it built into contracts that all scaffolding used for external building works is dismantled and removed from residential properties within three days of the completion of the works.

Islington Lib Dems are also calling on the council to lease portable cherry pickers instead of static scaffolding for smaller pieces of building work. This allows work to be completed more efficiently with less of a burden on residents in and around the property.

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