Space for People - Safe streets and clean air now!

Low traffic neighbourhoods are key to a safer, cleaner Islington - and must be introduced immediately, insist local Liberal Democrats.

Lib Dem spokesperson Kate Pothalingam with an Islington Lollypop Man

Spokesperson Kate Pothalingam said:

‘Islington Liberal Democrats support low traffic neighbourhoods. We want more safe space for people to walk and cycle and fewer cars on our streets.

‘Partly closing some streets, making them residential access only, will keep through traffic to main roads. Research shows that this encourages people to drive less. Closures are easy to do and can happen for a trial period of a few months, before being adjusted or made permanent.

‘We know from talking to local groups, such as Living Streets, Cycle Islington and Islington Clean Air Parents that there is huge demand for safe street space for cyclists and wider pavements for pedestrians. That means more cycle lanes, preferably segregated from car traffic, and more room for pedestrians too. Wider pavements will be essential if social distancing means people still have to queue outside a shop or cafe.

Cllr Richard Watts, Islington Council Labour Leader, promised to announce plans for ‘low traffic neighbourhoods’ soon. Local Liberal Democrats say the Council must act urgently.

‘Honestly, we don’t know what they’re waiting for. Let’s just hope the Labour council produce a meaningful plan within weeks – as promised last week - that lives up to all our expectations and gets us some positives from this terrible pandemic tragedy.

Islington Liberal Democrats are very keen to suggest ideas and collaborate once the council’s initial proposals are published. We will hold the council to account on their promise to deliver low traffic neighbourhoods across a third of the borough by year end. 

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