Tories Cut £1.7 Million from the Islington Health Budget


Figures released last week by the Department for Health show a £1.7 million cut to the public health budget in Islington.

This money has historically been used to help improve people's health in some key areas, relieving  pressure on the NHS and GP services in the borough. For example, the fund has targeted helping people give up smoking, drink less, rehabilitate drug users and treat sexually transmitted diseases.

This cut will mean that all local residents in Islington will suffer, not only for those struggling with the issues outlined above, but also those who will now find their normal services placed under greater pressure.   

Islington Lib Dems have highlighted how cutting the budget in this fiscal year will also have further ramifications as as the council will have entered into long term contracts across a range of Public Health services already, which they will still have to honour despite the cuts.

Islington Lib Dems believe these are the wrong cuts, made in the wrong way and they will end up costing the Government and the NHS more than is saved.

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