Victoria Collins - Candidate for St Peter's by-election 2021

Victoria Collins is a businesswoman and community activist known to many Islington people for helping set up Mutual Aid in Islington to ensure no one is left in need during COVID-19. This volunteer network has helped local residents to get the food and medicines they need and stave off personal isolation - especially for the elderly and vulnerable. During the pandemic, she has also spearheaded a new charity that has already helped almost 300 non-profit organisations with essential digital support. 

Victoria knows what it's like to face financial struggles, the challenges of running a business, and the difficulties of finding an affordable place to live. After her last business collapsed during COVID-19, she persevered and created a new social impact business which promotes urban gardening to help green cities like London and improve residents' wellbeing. The result? Over a million seeds planted, several of Islington's community gardens supported, and an award for a business that helped rebuild her life. She now mentors entrepreneurial young women and advises others in social impact businesses. 

As an environmentally-minded businesswoman, she has long campaigned on green issues such as reducing her university's carbon footprint and is currently participating in a cross-party group to scrutinise and improve Islington's 2030 environmental vision. As an internationalist who has lived and worked in Brussels and Paris, she started campaigning with the Liberal Democrats to stop Brexit. 

Victoria fights for those whose voices and needs are not being listened to in Islington to offer choices and opportunities. She is dedicated to learning from the pandemic while focusing on new opportunities to take London and Islington forward. She stands for a St Peter's where the people come first and local councillors take an active role in the community.

Email Victoria at [email protected]
Call Victoria at 07990 263 384
Tweet Victoria and the St Peter's team at @StPetersLibDems


Victoria's Priorities Include

Your Streets, Your Say

Involve all St Peter’s residents now in deciding how the Low Traffic Neighbourhood can work for all of us including camera filters to allow St Peter's residents through, especially the most vulnerable. Working through a citizens assembly. no more top-down Town Hall ruling.

Clean St Peter's 

Bins and recycling collections are a mess. I’ll get our local services sorted.

Sustainable, post-COVID recovery

Support for sustainable jobs and for helping people in need get back on their feet, so Islington can thrive again. As a small business owner myself I know the pressures companies are under. I’ll fight for the right support to create jobs; and the London Apprenticeship Programme we propose will provide a pathway back into work for many people struggling to makes ends meet.


Election Imprint :

Published and promoted by Keith Sharp on behalf of Victoria Collins (Liberal Democrats) both at 88 Corbyn Street, London N4 3BZ. Hosted by Nation Builder.

Twitter Imprint:

Published and promoted by Keith Sharp on behalf of Victoria Collins (Liberal Democrats) both at 88 Corbyn Street, London N4 3BZ. Hosted by Twitter.


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